"Scrape the bowl, and start again."

Some seasons of life are busier than others and this past year has been especially busy for our family. Somehow even when my schedule is tight, I often seem to take on even more, sometimes at the expense of things in my life that are important.

This morning, I woke up with a picture in my mind of a hand mixer twirling in a mixing bowl filled with ingredients becoming cookie dough, and these words came to mind: 

Scrape the bowl, and start again. 

Turn off the hand mixer. Choose to unplug, slow down, and be present in every situation. I created you to enjoy this life I’ve given you.

Scrape the bowl, and start again.

When you mix ingredients, chunks fly to the sides of the bowl. You can look at those disconnected pieces and see failure or weakness because you could not keep everything together, but I do not judge you. Leave the past in the past. Every day is an opportunity for a new beginning.

Scrape the bowl, and start again.

Those pieces of dough are necessary if you want a tasty outcome or a balanced life. Take time to gather all of the pieces on the sides of the bowl and gently fold them back into the mix. Take your time. Don’t let the process become a burden, but find joy in the small things.

Scrape the bowl, and start again. 

I am grateful for a God who cares about the concerns on my mind and gently restores my anxious heart. Today, I’m going to scrape the bowl, and start again. 

Stuck Between Seasons


This morning, as I was homeschooling the last daughter and simultaneous trying to work out details for a women's conference I am coordinating, I found myself very frustrated. I was disappointed in myself because I wasn't able to post a blog last week.

Later, I was fulfilling an order from our store when I happened to glance up at the schedule for #Intentional Parenting 2015. March is supposed to focus on grace. Ok. Got that. Maybe I can write something on Wednesday, I thought.

As I put the packages in my mailbox, I passed a very interesting perspective in my flower bed--a daffodil trying its best to bloom in the middle of snow that hadn't yet melted. It is as if spring is trying to make an entrance, but winter's finale still continues. (We've had ice and about 12 inches of snow in the past two weeks and there is a potential of more snow for us later this week!)

My heart was stirred that in some ways I'm like that flower; I am stuck between seasons. I can see so many things ahead in the future and I'm working to see things move forward, but now is not the right season. God was saying that it's ok that I didn't post a blog. It isn't priority in this season. I need to keep my priorities in line with His perspective and finish my assignments for one season before I fully embrace the next. 

As I typed this blog, it was an ah-ha moment: Grace. God was giving me grace, favor I didn't deserve.  He wasn't judging me or condemning me so neither do I condemn myself. My takeaway from today: giving grace must begin with receiving grace. That's a great topic for a blog...some day.