Packing for College or Apartment Living

In about a month, our oldest daughter will be starting her first semester of college outside of our home.  Since this was a new road for me, I did some research to find out what she might need.  I found an incredibly long, but comprehensive list online.  So many things to buy.  So many things I hadn’t even considered.  So many things that would put a dent in our budget if I bought them all at one time!  I made a plan to do a little at a time and spread out the expenses. Here is the comprehensive list I found, plus some other items that we’ll be packing.  If you think of something we’ve missed, please post a comment and let us know!

January—Medical and Laundry Medicine Med Box/Container Aspirin Tylenol Motrin/Advil Cough syrup Cough drops Cold medicine Benadryl Band aids Dayquil/Nyquil First aid ointment Rubbing alcohol Cotton balls Cotton gauze pads Tums/Mallox, etc. Eye drops Thermometer

Laundry Laundry bag(s)/hamper Laundry soap Dryer sheets Stain remover: Shout stick Clothespins Clothesline/drying rack Quarters: Some schools use a card system Needles and thread (blue, black and white) Safety pins

February—Kitchen and Cleaning Supplies Kitchen Kitchen box: large shoe/boot box Plate(s) Bowl(s) Knife, fork, spoon (s) Serving spoon(s) Hand can opener Paring knife Measuring cups Measuring spoons Water bottle Travel cup/glass for making tea Pot for cooking Dish washing detergent Dishwasher detergent Brita filter Coffee maker Microwave Refrigerator

Cleaning Window and mirror cleaner Paper towels Bathroom cleaner Comet Sponges Dusting spray Dusting cloth Swiffer or mop Swiffer refills Bucket

March—Technology and Tools Technology Mp3 player Digital camera, batteries/battery charger, rechargeable batteries Stereo CD’s DVD’s Clock radio/alarm clock Extension cords Multi plug outlet Phone Lamp(s): Desk, free standing, clamp one for your bed Hammer Nails Screwdrivers Flashlight Nightlight Light bulbs: 40/60 watt Trash can(s): Most colleges only have one Trash bags

April—Personal Items Purse(s) wallet money Watch(es) Jewelry: Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings Glasses Sun glasses Contacts, contacts case, and contact solution(s) Nail clippers, Emory boards Nail polish, nail polish remover Cotton balls Brush/comb Hair stuff: Head bands, barrettes, rubber bands, scrunchies, styling gel, etc. Feminine supplies Boxes of Kleenex Toilet paper Cologne/body sprays Deodorant Hand lotion/body lotion Razor/shaving cream Make-up Hair dryer Flat iron Curling Iron

May--Clothes Socks: All kinds Pantyhose/knee-highs Shoes: Dress, tennis, flip flops, shower shoes! Underwear Bras/sports bras Slips/half slips Camisoles Pajamas/bathrobe/slippers Shorts: Play and dress Dress pants/slacks Casual pants/jeans Casual shirts: Long sleeve/short sleeve T-shirt: Long sleeve/short sleeve Tank tops Sweaters Vests Blouses Dress: Some colleges have winter formals Bathing suits Belts Sweatshirts Jackets: Lightweight, wind breaker, winter Gloves/mittens Scarves/hats Hangers Suitcase/duffel bag

June--Bed and Bath Bedroom Two sets of sheet/pillow cases Comforter/bedspread (Stores have special “dorm sets” that they advertise beginning in June.) Mattress pad Egg crate Blanket/throw Pillow(s) Soft butt pillow for desk chair Sleeping bag/air mattress (for guests!) Stuffed animals: College kids with stuffed animals make better grades

Bathroom Towels, hand towels, wash cloths

Bathroom rugs

Shower caddy (holder for shower supplies) Toothbrush, toothpaste Hand soap Soap/shower gel Shampoo, conditioner Shower cap Water glass/cup Towel rack for your door

July--School/Homework Supplies Computer (look for a back-to-school deal) Monitor and cables Printer and cables Lan cable: 25 feet Computer paper Ink Surge protector Calendar Day planner Notebooks/binders Pocket folders Notebook paper Stapler/staples Paper clips Scissors Sticky tack Post-it notes Push pens Pens Pencils Ruler Zip drive/jump drive/thumb drive Hole punch: Single and 3 hole Pictures/posters High lighters Permanent magic marker(s) Erasable message board with pens: These come on most of the dorm doors, but just in case, or if you want one in your room Cork board/bulletin board/magnet board Book bag Stamps/envelopes Address book, telephone numbers Year book, photo albums, pictures, picture frames Novels, books, Bibles Journal