The Moore Family Birthday Cake

My mom made some amazing birthday cakes:  a race track with matchbox cards for each guest, a swimming pool with miniature, swimming baby dolls, an 18-wheeler, a book, an ice skate, a cat, and so many more.  I tried that tradition when the girls were small but found that it was difficult to make an elaborate cake and plan a party at the same time—and maintain my sanity!  I looked for an alternative. I wanted the cake to match the party theme, so I took an extra party invitation, cut out the main design, and laminated it.  That way, when I put it on the cake, it wouldn’t soak up the oil in the icing.  I also used icing or candies to write names and/or ages.  And don’t forget the candles!

The best part is the cake itself.  It’s a deliciously-moist, homemade chocolate cake with fudge-like icing from a recipe given to our family more than ten years ago.  It’s not a fancy cake, but because we only make this recipe for birthdays it has become something special that we all look forward to.

Enjoy this cake for yourself!  .::Cocoa Delight::.