Under Construction: Our New Online Store

Some of you may have noticed that our online store is temporarily under construction while we make some adjustments.  When our new store opens, you’ll find some changes.  After much prayer, Harold and I believe that God is leading us to make some adjustments to our ministry. First, we are discontinuing all products that aren’t exclusive to Daughters 4 God.  We will continue to carry our self-published titles such as Lady Day, The Gift of Purity, the audio products, and our sterling silver jewelry.  It is impossible for us to offer the other products at prices to compete with Amazon or CBD.  At this point, I’m planning to review new products for raising daughters, but we will not be offering them for sale.  Fewer products mean less time managing inventory and more time for writing and for ministry at our local church.

Second, we anticipate that our new store will have audio and pdf downloads priced less than a hard-copy product.  Some of you have asked for a “Cleaning Game” download so you don’t have to pay shipping.  We think that’s a great idea and we’re working to make that a reality.  We’re also hoping to add more audio teachings as well as some other books that are in development.

Third, we will not be traveling to homeschool conventions as we have in the past.  (We still haven’t decided about MACHE for 2011…)  It has become more difficult for us to travel together.  Harold took on a new role as Associate Pastor last October which means he can miss fewer Sundays, and the oldest two will be in college in the fall but still living at home.  Yes, we could leave Harold and our two college students behind, but that’s not what the Moore family does.  We’re a team and we minister together.

We believe that this is God’s plan for this season.  We will still look for opportunities to share our heart and our experiences, but just a little closer to home.  That’s a tough one, since we’ve made so many friends over the years.  Thank you for all of your encouragement and support.

Ruth Bell Graham once saw a sign along the road and asked that it be epitaph.  Her tombstone reads:  “End of Construction.  Thank you for your patience.”  I suppose I feel the same way, like I’m always under construction.  There’s another flaw, another weakness, another insecurity that my Creator lovingly reveals to me.  But I’m so grateful that He also shows me His complete sufficiency for every area of my lack.  "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor. 12:9)  “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  (Phil. 1:6)  His construction process is not always easy or pleasant, but always necessary and beneficial.   Our construction, both personally and for D4G, continues but thank you for your patience.

The New Daughters 4 God!

Welcome to our new home!  We’ve been building and redecorating for more than a year, but it’s great to be moved in.  We’re glad you’re here and we hope you enjoy your visit.

What’s new?
More than 12 months ago we began to rework the website.  A friend had done our previous site, but our oldest daughter, Victoria, designed a new site and most everything was ready to go last spring.  However, we ran into some challenges.  We realized the site needed to be created using a different program, so Victoria had to start from scratch and learn how to use a new computer program.  I completely underestimated the amount of work it would be since this was all new to us.  I am so thrilled that we are finally “live” (on the internet) and so very proud of Victoria and her hard work.

Thanks to Victoria, our site looks very different.  We now have an articles link which incorporates articles and my personal blog, which Victoria will help me technically moderate.  (I will post as often as I can, but no promises.)  Our store will soon carry a new banner with the new look, as well.   And that’s not all that's new…

New Book
Not only do we have a new website, but on April 16 we will release a new book entitled, “The Gift of Purity:  Letters to a Daughter About Guarding Her Heart.”  God gave me this idea while I was planning for Anna’s “Purity Weekend.”  I had used Passport2Purity, with adaptations, with our oldest two daughters and both weekends were quite memorable.  I had often told people that it was my favorite product we had.  As I revisited it, I realized that our family had changed and that I needed to make more adaptations.  Many of the examples were very unfamiliar to our daughters who have been homeschooled since Kindergarten.  I knew I needed to make changes, but I was a little worried that the weekend might not be as effective.

Instead of adapting the product, God led me to create a new one, The Gift of Purity.  Some of the same topics are discussed, but within the context of courtship and marriage.   Anna’s “Purity Weekend” was filled with beautiful moments that she and I will always treasure.  It is my prayer that The Gift of Purity will be a blessing to your family and strengthen your relationship with your daughter.

New Focus
While I was perusing new products to add, I became overwhelmed with the number of products available.  It occurred to me that we needed to set up guidelines for choosing which products we will sell.  It was a simple solution.  I didn’t start this business to sell anything; I merely wanted to collect my favorite resources and be able to put them in the hands of parents who desired to mentor and disciple their daughters.  I realized that the only thing I want in the shoppe or on the tables at the shows are things that I love.  We decided that Daughters 4 God will only carry books that we have read and books that we have used or would use with our own family.  We realize that each family has different standards, but we hope to provide a consistency in our product line that you can trust.  

New Products
During the fall and winter months when there are no homeschool conventions, our family has been reviewing new products.  Based on your comments and suggestions, we’ve added quite a few new titles.  We have also discontinued others because they don’t seem to meet your needs, are now out of print, or because they don’t match our new focus.  Visit the web shoppe to see what’s new!   

New Collection
I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard the request for a “sons version” of Daughters 4 God.   I never thought we’d carry products specifically for raising boys, but after much prayer, we are adding a limited inventory of books for raising godly sons.  Of course we haven’t used these books with our daughters, however I would use them if I had sons.  We pray that you and your sons will be blessed by the new resources.     

 Nothing New Under the Sun…
Some things haven’t changed.  We continue to be committed to supporting parents as they raise godly children.  We will continue to value excellence in our products and services. We will continue to respond to your questions by phone or email.   We will continue to place God and our family above our ministry, knowing that our testimony is useless if we aren’t doing what we encourage you to do.  Finally, we will continue to value your support and encouragement.  Our goal is not to make a million but to make a difference. 

May God bless you as you raise generations for His glory,
Harold and Joy Moore

It's up and coming!

Hello, friends! This is Victoria, Joy's eldest daughter.  I wanted to let you know about some exciting changes going on for Daughters 4 God.

We're looking forward to attending the homeschool shows across the nation this year.  We're even traveling to some new locations in the next few months! Mom and Dad (Joy and Harold) have been speaking recently, and are looking forward to more speaking opportunities in the future. There's a few new exclusive Daughters 4 God products on the horizon, as well as many other new products joining our online store and homeschool booth. Lastly (for now, anyway! <grin>) we're re-doing the entire Daughters 4 God website, including this blog!  (I know you are all jumping for joy!  I know it's long overdue!)  This blog will soon become "article central" with frequent updates from Joy and the rest of the Daughters 4 God gang.  You'll be able to read past articles and even interact with others as you post your questions and/or comments regarding the many article subjects.

We are so excited about all these changes, and are especially thankful to all of you for supporting us with your encouragement and prayers.

This blog will have some "work done" to it in the next few days, and I appreciate your patience as we re-write, re-design, and re-organize all things Daughters 4 God!

I hope to see many of you this Spring/Summer as we travel to the homeschool shows!

Blessings to you and your family, Victoria

*UPDATE 03.17.09*

Hello again, friends!  I just wanted to keep you updated on our new website.  It is very close to being live, and we are very excited!  Also, the store is down at the moment - but we're working on it and it should be up and running again soon.

Thanks for your patience!

Blessings, Victoria

*UPDATE 03.20.09*

I have happy news for all of you! =)  Our store is up and running again, which means that our new website should be up within 24 hours or so.  We're getting excited!  Blessings! - Victoria

Celebrating Life

 More than 10 years ago, we were expecting our fourth child.  Back then, I knew of only one family with more than five children and having four was overwhelming to most people I came in contact with.  I desperately wanted others to celebrate with us.  It was then that I told our older three girls (ages 6, 4 and 1) that our job was to celebrate babies.  Today we continue to celebrate each precious gift from God. This past Monday, we celebrated the pregnancy and imminent delivery of a very dear friend of our family.  They have a 16-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter and are expecting another blessing.  It was a joyous occasion as girls, young women, and adult women gathered together to bless the mother and child.  They brought practical gifts such as outfits, lotions, and things for the nursery.  They brought gifts from the heart such as a crocheted afghan, hand-drawn picture, and a handmade blanket.  Most importantly, we spent time together praying to bless the mother and this priceless gift inside of her. 

It wasn't your typical shower, but it's a concept I learned from Doran Richards and her ministry Blessing God's Way.  She co-authored a book entitled, Celebration of Pregnancy  which describes how to have a shower-alternative that is God-centered.  (You can find it on our webstore.)  Blessing God's Way is a ministry seeking to encourage women in three areas of life--maindenhood, maternity, and menopause.  Last year, Doran completed a God-centered curriculum for girls and women to learn more about their bodies, specifically in the area of their menstrual cycles. 

These materials will be presented at the upcoming conference, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, July 18-19, 2008 in Front Royal, VA.  While I cannot endorse the material since I haven't yet reviewed or used it myself, I can recommend that Doran's other materials have been a blessing to my life.  I believe that it will be especially helpful to moms who are looking for more biological information than is included in Lady Day.

For more information or to register, please visit:  www.blessinggodsway.com.

God bless you as you celebrate the Giver of Life and the life He gives.




Yes, a new entry!  Ok, so many of you may think that I’ve fallen off the face of the earth.  Not so.  I realized that it was a bit difficult for me to keep up with my home, take care of my husband, homeschoool the girls, blog, write articles for the website, and develop new products.  I found that I had to simplify.  I made some changes to the commitments I had made and I’m pleased to say that I’m slowly making some adjustments that will allow me more writing time.


This past year has been a busy one for our family.  My youngest daughter Abigail was baptized this year—the last of the bunch!  Anna attended a tutoring center part time and I worked 5 hours a week in exchange for Anna’s tuition.  We had tried everything from vision therapy to a reading specialist, but she still needed some extra help in her language skills.  It was a success!  Elisabeth auditioned with about 150 students and was one of 40 chosen to participate in a piano recital at Old Dominion University.  Victoria enrolled in our local community college as a special provisions student.  (She earns high school and college credit at the same time.)  This was her first educational experience outside our home.  (We’ve never chosen to do co-ops.)  It was a great year, but a transition for us all.


One of the highlights was seeing some of you at the events this spring.  It was great to see some of you who we had met last year and others who introduced themselves as online customers.  We appreciate the support and encouraging words you have given us.  It means so much. 


We look forward to an exciting year ahead—new products, more events, and even a new web design coming soon!  And last but not least, more blogs…     

Swimming Upstream


 Last week some dear friends came to visit our family.  The daddy's had worked together 10 years ago and we had lost track of each other through moves over the years.  After reconnecting with them recently, we planned a 4-day reunion at our home.  The ages of the kids was nearly identical, but I wasn't sure how their four children and our four children would get along after all these years. It didn't take long to find out.  I felt like we had picked up where we left off.  The parents were chatting; the children were chatting.  There were so many cross-conversations, as there often are with girls at our house!  Sometimes I just stopped to listen and laugh. 

There were a total of five teenagers--17, 16, 16, 13, 13--but they didn't go off to do their own thing.  We all stayed together and played games, went sightseeing, cleaned up, and just hung out.  It was such a blessing to be around these teens and to be together as a families--all without the aid of electronics!

After several days, my husband and I talked about how easy it was to reconnect with this lovely family.  They had expressed that because of their standards, they sometimes feel alone in the community where they live.  Sometimes we feel alone, too, because we feel we're swimming upstream against a very strong current of our culture.  You may feel the same way.  Be encouraged that there is a remnant of parents who are swimming upstream from our culture and working intentionally and diligently to raise children who will love, serve, and glorify God forever.  You're not alone!

Hello, again!

We’re back!  We had to close the store (and the blog) for about a week while we made some upgrades. (Look under Blogroll at your right.  Click on Daughters 4 God and it will take you to the store.)  We also had to close the blog and start all over again, thus the previous posts are not listed.  I will post them with their original post date.  Thank you for your patience! Last weekend, our family was privileged to participate in a homeschool convention sponsored by the Home Educator’s Association of Virginia.  We were one vendor of hundreds serving the estimated 11,000 attendees.  (Anna and Abigail, ages 10 and 9, loved to go to the second floor to watch the people pour in as soon as they opened the doors in the morning.)Since we were a new vendor, I was unsure of what to expect.  We were so excited by the outpouring of interest and support of those who stopped by the booth.  We laughed together; we cried together.  Some of you have emailed or written how we encouraged you.  The feeling was quite mutual.  It’s comforting to know that our family is one of so many who are intentionally raising their children to love, honor and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

When we got home, we talked about our new friends–the Morales family, and Miss Tanya, and the Wybel family, and others– as if we’d know them for years.  I look forward to making lots of new friends.  Please feel free to post a comment.  We’d love to hear from you!     

Don't Give Up

This past Sunday night was a special time for our family.  Our oldest daughter, Victoria, was chosen by audition to perform in an Honors Piano Recital at a local university.  When Victoria began lessons nearly eight years ago, she never imagined such a night.   Her goal was to play at church for Sunday worship services.  Three years ago, after four years of lessons and hours of daily practice, she met that goal and became a member of the worship team where she continues to play most every Sunday.  But God had other plans and so she continued her piano studies.  As I sat there looking at the students, I thought of all the hard work and collective years of preparation for this moment.  Some goals in life are only achieved over a long period of preparation.  Those goals are not for the faint-hearted who give up when things get tough.  These students had persevered through the difficult times and emerged triumphant.  What a joy to celebrate their victory!   Maybe God has called you to something that requires years of preparation and planning.  It probably requires diligence and time with few or little visible results. (Homeschooling and raising children are two such calls that come to mind…)  There will be difficult days.  Don’t give up.  Persevere.  Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.  Be obedient to His call for your life.  You will emerge triumphant!   

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 3:14      

Make new friends, but keep the old...

When you’re growing about, there are so many opportunities to make new friends and meet new people.  Every year, you are in a new class and make new friends.  When you move to the middle school or high school, there are more kids and you meeting new people.  And of course in college, you meet people that live on the other side of the country or the other side of the world.  These days, I don’t have as many opportunities to meet new people, but last week was an exception. 

Our family was at the state curriculum fair in Maryland representing Daughters 4 God.  Our booth was adjacent to a precious family.  The father is a deaf pastor to a deaf congregation.  Our two youngest girls enjoyed playing with two of their 10 children.  In the course of our conversations, we found out that our families had much in common—we both homeschool, enjoy watching “I Love Lucy,” and both daddies make breakfast on Saturday mornings and homemade pizza during one night of the weekend.   

While we were at the curriculum fair, I met so many wonderful women and their daughters.  It was great to talk with Bummi and Susan and Tiffany and so many others.  I was encouraged to meet other women who are choosing to be intentional in parenting their precious daughters.

Days later, I was at my dear friend Kim’s house with ten ladies from her church:  Gladys, Shannon, Christine, Marlane, Diane, Sharon, Darlene, Lisa and Michelle. We talked about the importance of being in relationship with our daughters, how to tell them about their changing bodies, and how each of our girls is a unique gift.  We laughed together; we cried together; we prayed together.  The time flew by. 

I am grateful for the gift of relationship with you, my new friends and acquaintances.  I am blessed by who you are and by your stories.  May God give you wisdom, grace, patience and love as you raise godly daughters (and sons!) who impact generations!


Tea for Five

Two weeks ago, my four lovely daughters and I went to a mother/daughter tea at our local church.  Before we ate there was a panel who answered questions about relationships between mother and daughters of all ages.  One of the questions was, “What was the most significant moment in your relationship?”  What I heard surprised me!  I was expecting to hear about fun events, mother/daughter dates, or family vacations.  Instead, the ladies who spoke, including my own teen daughter, repeated the same answer:   spending time together in the every day moments of life.  A simple idea.  Sometimes I get so caught up trying to make life memorable for my children that I miss the opportunities that each day brings.  I’m trying to keep my eyes open for those special moments in our ordinary days.